Wordpress import for Chyrp

Chyrp is a lightweight blogging engine, written in PHP, working with SQLite and MySQL. It is possible to create different types of posts, e.g. Text, Video, Photo, Link and Quote. It looks like a good open-source alternative for Tumblr.

I currently try out Chyrp, thinking about to replace my private Wordpress blog. The recent Chyrp version includes an option to import content from the Wordpress-XML export file. But it didn’t work for exports from Wordpress.com-Blogs and the default import creates only Text posts in Chyrp, regardless of the post type of the original Wordpress data. So I fixed it and added an additional chyrp module that enables the import of types posts. My Wordpress branch for Chyrp improves:

  • imports from wordpress.com is possible
  • tag import is fixed (only with enabled tag module)
  • category import was added (only with enabled category module)
  • import typed Wordpress posts (link, quote, video, image) to the right Chyrp feathers (link, quote, video, photo) if they are enabled

Unknown post types are still imported as text feather in Chryp, e.g. gallery posts in Wordpress. Currently it is not possible to import them as Photo posts in Chyrp because the photo feather only allows one image per post.

How to import content from Wordpress.com to Chyrp

  1. Go to your Wordpress.com blog dashboard and navigate to the Tools/Export option. Download your data from there as XML and safe it.
  2. In Chyrp you need to enable the module “Wordpress Post Types Importer” and the Link, Quote, Photo and Video feathers.
  3. In Chyrp you go to Manage/Import and:
    1. choose your Wordpress-XML export file as import data
    2. fill in the URL prefix that was used in to link media (images) in the Wordpress posts. For WP.com it probably is: http://{{yourblogname}}.files.wordpress.com/
  4. Wait for the success message.
  5. Check Manage/Posts to control the import.

That’s it.

Top 6 from the 30th+31st week: Colours, Javascript MV*, Wordpress, Photography, Adobe Font & Curiosity

  • Stuff print designers should be care about: The ColorHug is an open source display colorimeter. It allows you to calibrate your screen for accurate color matching. The ColorHug is a small accessory that measures displayed colors very accurately. It is held on your display and plugged into a spare USB port on the computer for the duration of the calibration.
  • Developers these days are spoiled with choice when it comes to selecting an MV* framework for structuring and organizing their JavaScript web apps. TodoMVC offers the same Todo application implemented using MV* concepts to compare the most of the popular JavaScript MV* frameworks of today.
  • If you need to administrate various Wordpress installations on different web servers, you may check out Infinite WP, an admin panel to manage multiple Wordpress sites: one single master login, instant backup and restore, one click update to manage plugins and themes.
  • Camerapedia is a free-content encyclopedia of camera information, a repository of information about all still camera brands and models. Check it out if you like analogue or digital photography.
  • Seems that Adobe started to dive into the Open Source movement, now they released Source Sans Pro, their first open source font, under terms of Open Font License. Maybe there is a future Adobe stops that Photoshop stuff and starts contributing to Gimp :)

In the light of current events check out the infographic and video of 7 Minutes of Terror, about the landing of Curiosity on Mars in around 9 hours.

(Source: delicious.com)

Top 9 from the 24th+25th week: Typography, Web Design, Social Web Petitions & Privacy

Typography and Font Stacks

  • Font­Friend is a book­marklet that enables testing of fonts and font styles directly in the browser with­out edit­ing code and refresh­ing pages, mak­ing it the ideal com­pan­ion for cre­at­ing CSS font stacks. Its features are: instant drag-and-drop font pre­view­ing right in the browser in any doc­u­ment, predefined font definitions, Google Webfonts and Typekit integration.
  • The Revised Font Stack is a mix between article, statistical research and testing font stack ingredients.
  • Code Style’s Font Stack Builder tests your font stack for Win, Mac and Linux support and can help to create robust CSS font-family declarations.

Social Media Campaigns

  • SpeakUp! is a plugin to create email petitions within your Wordpress powered campaign website. It comes with a lot of config options like signature goals, CSV export, Social Media integration and expiration dates. You can integrate that petitions simply by a shortcode insertion in your blog posts and pages.

Web Design Development

  • Rainbow is a code syntax highlighting library written in Javascript, lightweight, easy to use, extendable, and themable via CSS. Out-of-the-box supported languages are: Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, C, Shell, Scheme, Lua and C#.
  • jQuery Mobile router is a plugin for jQuery Mobile to enhance the framework with a client side router/controller that works with jQuery Mobile events. In addition, it extends jQM with a client-side parameters in the hash part of the url.
  • CSS3 Media Queries and the 'view mode' feature are now full W3C Recommendations. They let designers adjusting styles according to device capabilities (e.g. screen dimensions) and state (e.g. device orientation, fullscreen, minimized).


  • Ghostery is a browser plugin to increase your privacy. It tracks over 1,000 trackers and gives you a roll-call of the ad networks, behavioral data providers, web publishers, and other companies interested in your activity. Ghostery allows zero-tolerance blocking of anything ad related, complete (visible) open communication with ad companies, or countless measures in between.

(Source: delicious.com)

Top 6 from the 20th+21st week: Underscores, Icons, Destatis Unliked Data & Geek researches

Eclipse, not a picture take by the NASA :)

This link digest is more like a link huddle, fitting the image that is indeed not a picture take by the NASA, some may recognize it from the 360-degree panoramic image of the Milky Way. Back to the links:

Free WebDev resources

  • Underscores starter theme for Wordpress: provied by Automattic — the company behind Wordpress — this theme may be a very good starter to develop own themes or individual templates for your project. I will try it out with my next Wordpress gig.
  • Climacons: 75 climatically categorised pictographs for web and user interface designers

Closed proprietary world

Geek science