Developers advent: Snow on the dev floors and 24 new web doors … ‘til Christmas

The blog is back, maybe without a bang but with some advent calendars for developers:

  • 24 Pull Requests is a little project to promote open source collaboration during december. The idea is basically “Send a pull request every day in december leading up to Christmas”, encouraging developers to give back to open source with little gifts of code throughout december.
  • 24 ways is the advent calendar for web geeks. Each day throughout December we publish a daily dose of web design and development goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer.
  • Performance Calendar: The speed geek’s favorite time of the year
  • Web Advent 2012: Join us each day as our wonderful authors provide presents of tips, tricks, & tidbits to usher in the new year.
  • Perl Advent Calendar 2012: twenty four merry days of Perl
  • Seit 2005 ist es gute Tradition jedes Jahr aufs neue, einen Webkrauts-Adventskalender mit interessanten Themen von CSS3 und SASS über Wireframes und Tools hin zu SEO, Barrierefreiheit und dem mobilen Web zu füllen.

Looks like we got some more advent calendars for web designers and developers last year, the PHPadvent (now webadvent) seems not to be ready this year.

Please contribute your suggestions if you know other calendars for developers.

6 from the 13th week: Web Accessibilty, Consumption, SASS/SCSS, Semantic Web statistics, WebID & Fake services

  • Web Accessibility Best Practices: Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro in the webdev area, this list is a good help and eye opener if you want to make your web projects accessible to everyone. Guys, this is important!
  • Nie wieder Fleisch?: This not directly related to webdev but our consumption and eating behaviour is related to our life and the the lives of all humans and animals. This documentary was shown on Arte TV, now you can watch it for a few days on their website. It’s about meat consumption and worldwide problems related to it. The movie is dubbed in french and german.
  • A Standard Module Definition for Sass: a very short tutorial on developing own SASS/SCSS modules, nonetheless it is a good introduction.
  • Web Data Commons: More and more websites have started to embed structured data describing products, people, organizations, places, events into their HTML pages. The Web Data Commons project extracts this data from several billion web pages and provides the extracted data for download. Web Data Commons thus enables you to use the data without needing to crawl the Web yourself. If you don’t want to dig into the data you simply can enjoy the statistics.
  • WebID – A Guide For The Clueless: Sebastian Trüg wrote a nice introduction and tutorial on WebID, another identity provider and authentication method that is based on a certificate in your browser and a relation to the responding public key in a public profile of you. You can get a WebID really fast without deep technical knowledge.
  • April Fools Days services and startups: I do not actively participate on April Fools Day anymore but I always like all the crazy ideas for fake startups and joke web services released this days like Google Voice for Pets, or - my favorite - the 8-bit version of Google Maps. Just check the April 1st edition of The Museum of Modern Betas (MoMB) (sorry, there seems not to be a direct link to the 4/1/2012 archive). Any other funny ideas out there?