"Intermediate" Twitter URIs for Feeds

I was a bit hasty when I said that all Twitter RSS feeds are dead because currently you can use the Twitter feeds via Twitter API v1. It seems that Twitter stopped to support special feed URIs some days ago, that following URIs won’t work anymore:

Twitter still supports the RSS output for their API version 1:

As version 1 of the Twitter API is deprecated now and Twitter only supports JSON with version 1.1 you should prepare your applications, Twitter are going to stop support for RSS and version 1 in March 2013.

JSON-LD: RDF serialization for Javascript

How to work with Linked Data and RDF data in Javascript? Use JSON, the well known object notation. The W3C JSON for Linking Data Community Group published a bulk of new JSON-LD drafts and calls for final group specification commitments.

  • JSON-LD Syntax 1.0: JSON-LD is designed as a lightweight syntax that can be used to express Linked Data. It is primarily intended to be a way to use Linked Data in Javascript and other Web-based programming environments.The syntax does not necessarily require applications to change their JSON, but allows one to easily add meaning by simply adding or referencing a context. (Call for Final Specification Commitments)
  • JSON-LD API 1.0: JSON-LD may be used to express Linked Data in JSON. Often, it is useful to be able to transform JSON-LD documents so that they may be easily processed in a programming environment like JavaScript, Python or Ruby. Compaction, expansion and RDF conversion are discussed in this document. (http://www.w3.org/community/json-ld/2012/06/27/call-for-final-specification-commitments-for-json-ld-api-1-0/)
  • JSON-LD Framing API 1.0: a JSON-LD document is a representation of a directed graph. A Frame can be used by a developer on a JSON-LD document to specify a deterministic layout for a graph. This document is a detailed specification for a serialization of Linked Data in JSON.
  • RDF Graph Normalization: this document outlines an algorithm for generating a normalized RDF graph given an input RDF graph. Beside software developers the documents is primarily intended for masochists :)

(Source: twitter.com)