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Last week my uncle celebrated his 60. birthday, and he had a new laptop on his wishlist. I’ve found my old CTX notebook from 1998 in my old room, probably not really used for the last 10 years. What a great gift :) It runned an old Knoppix Linux when I switched it on first, installed around 2006. But I thought it would be funny to deliver the notebook with an old Windows 95 to my unlce, good that I’ve found an original copy. On the pictures a Win98 is installed. I add a PS2 mouse control and some 3.5” floppy disks and a box, so that he won’t run out of storage :)

Alltogether a great gift, but I think he can’t use the notebook to read this post because i didn’t found my old PCMCIA network card nor an old cable modem :)

Happy Birthday!

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