PubwichFork 2.0 released

I promised that I release the final PubwichFork 2.0 version while CLT2012 (Chemnitzer Linuxtage) and even if the CLT2012 is almost finished (the last sessions just ended): PubwichFork 2.0 is here!

What is PubwichFork?

PubwichFork is a PHP web application that aggregates your latest Social Web & Social Media content across multiple service websites (e.g. your Twitter stream or Flickr photos), and it renders one single website featuring all your content. You can create your own themes, add new services (or just use the built-in services) and it is possible to add filters on data streams. I already wrote about PubwichFork earlier here.

How to install?

That’s easy! Just download the latest PubwichFork archive (we provide Zip and Tar), unpack it in your webspace and follow the config instructions from the manual.

Upcoming development

As PubwichFork 2.0 is currently an original Pubwich + bugfixes + stable feed import + data stream filters, there is room for improvements and enhancements planned for upcoming versions:

Pubwich 2.5 (planned for end 2012)

  • Activity stream service: merging various social media service sources to one merged stream, useable additionally to the single service boxes.
  • Google+: adding a service class aggregating your Google+ stream
  • Improve theming: adding regions to template, improve grouping of service boxes
  • Change license to GPL2+: currently Pubwich and PubwichFork are licensed under GPL2, I hope that I can convince other developers to provide their code under GPL2+ which would bring some advantages

Pubwich 3.0 (planned for 2013)

  • New project structure: new folder organisation, separate core components, libraries and user extensions.
  • Improved configuration process
  • Enabling multi sites in PubwichFork

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